Cenforce 50 Mg


active ingredientSildenafil Citrate
indicationErectile Dysfunction
manufacturerCenturion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
delivery time6 To 15 days
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Cenforce 50 Mg
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Product Description

Overview of Cenforce 50 Mg

Cenforce 50 mg is a drug containing sildenafil citrate, which is the hero ingredient. The medicine is made as a PDE-5 inhibitor, phosphodiesterase type 5. The drug is used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction, which is a condition well known as the disability for achieving an erection. It's crucial to note that the drugs should be consumed according to a physician's recommendation. Self-medication and misuse can lead to harmful effects. Ask your doctor for the medicine that suits you and if you have any questions about this medication. Cenforce 50 Mg

More About Cenforce 50 Mg:

The effect of erectile dysfunction has caused a significant loss to men according to health and emotion. Due to the inability to have an erection for a more extended period, the relationship of the men has been destroyed as they have not been able to satisfy their partners, which becomes the reason for the partners parting ways. This separation has caused a significant problem in the life of men as they feel depressed and low confidence as if they are of no use. After knowing and consuming Cenforce 50 mg, the men have found great relief in their issue of impotence. The medicine provides comfort for 4 to 6 hours, the time the men acquire to improve the relationship. But to believe that medicine is the only solution for all the problems is incorrect as there are boundaries for medicine. During the process of sexual improvisation, if any disease enters the medicine, it is not at all helpful to protect in such a situation. At the time of conceiving, the medicine is of no help.

Reason for Consuming Cenforce 50 Mg:

The men tired of the problem of impotence can try the Cenforce 50 Mg medicine to get relief. It is the smallest and most effective dosage against the pain. The confidence and hope that was lost after the problem of erectile dysfunction is relieved, and it is like hope for them.

Operative Function of Cenforce 50 Mg:

Cenforce 50 Mg medicine can provide a long-lasting solution if a push is provided at take-off, and once the drug is taken off, it starts with the holding back of PDE-5 enzymes. The cGMP enzymes are stimulated, and as a result, the nitric oxide is released. The province of nitric oxide is to moderation of the blood vessels and muscles in the penis region. With this, the lightening of the lungs and the heart also takes place, as a result of which the heart is not forcefully required to perform any other action and can focus on its only work of blood transfusion.

Quantity of The Medicine Consumed:

While consuming Cenforce 50 Mg medicine, you may feel nervous about whether it will work, so you must consult your doctor to know if the treatment is good enough for you and what smaller dose to try for the first time. After that, if it suits your health, then you can increase your amount. Cenforce 50 mg is to be consumed at a time of 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual intercourse, and it is estimated to show results for about 4 to 6 hours, where the men get the advantage of fulfilling the needs of their partners and making a happy relationship. Food is optional to consume with the medicine. If you require, you can consume food, but make sure it does not contain fats or oils, as it will create a barrier for the medicine to provide results. If you finish the treatment with a glass of water on an empty stomach, it will start to work faster. Alcohol consumption is considered as a fence as it will not allow the medicine to commence faster and provide the conclusion as required; therefore, it is advised to avoid it for the time the treatment is to be consumed. Consult your physician to know the medicine and the dosage according to the requirement.

Other Dosage of Cenforce 50 Mg:

Consuming the Cenforce 50 Mg medicine without knowing the required dosage according to your health can result in significant illness. Then, you realize the importance of the prescription and understand the other doses along with the correct dosage. Let me know about the different dosages in detail:

Missed dose:

Absence of consuming the required amount will not cause any complications, but supervise when two doses mix. In such conditions, you are left with two options as to whether to skip the missed dose and consume the overdose on time or consume the missed dose and the next dose after 24 hours.


A profusion of more than the required dose can cause complexities and an instant treatment from the doctor; therefore, if you come to know that you have consumed an overdose, then ask for medical guidance. Overdose can happen if you are in want of increasing the pleasure or to correct the dosage. Avoid an overdose in any way you can.

Other Dosage of the Medicine:

Reaction of The Medicine:

  • Unsteadiness
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Clammy
  • Sore throat
  • Resentment
  • Tinnitus
  • Hypertension
  • Tachycardia
  • Edginess
  • Mystification

Acknowledgment of The Medicine:

  • Your physician can help you know the correct dosage and if the medicine suits you.
  • The doctor can know about your health from your medical history and, therefore, keep it ready when you visit the doctor.
  • If any heart, kidney, or liver problem is solved through surgery or scheduled in the future, inform the doctor about it so that the doctor can provide medicine accordingly.
  • It is better if you avoid alcohol or any other fruit juice as it can make the result of the medicine ineffective.
  • Any concentration work should be completed before consuming the medicine as it causes faintness.
  • Nitrates and nitrogen are advised to avoid along with the medicine as it can lead the person to death.
  • Women, especially breastfeeding or pregnant and children under 18 years of age, can face difficulty if they consume Cenforce 50 Mg medicine and, therefore, avoid it.
  • If Any other medicine is already in the process of helping you with the problem of erectile dysfunction, then avoid Cenforce even if both the drugs are for the same use and the same composition.

Repository of The Medicine:

The requirement is to store the medicine at room temperature for extended periods. The treatment is responsive to factors like sunlight and moisture, keeping the drug away from them. An excellent and dry place is the best place to keep and consume the mixture. Refrigerating the treatment is possible only when the doctor says it. Women and children are the ones getting affected due to consuming the medicine as it is for the benefit of the men; therefore, avoid it.

Help Section of the Medicine:

1) Can the medicine provide relief from all kinds of problems related to erectile dysfunction?

The problem of erectile dysfunction may be caused due to many reasons like improper blood flow to the penis, due to which erection cannot last, or due to stress, anxiety, or workload. If it is due to the blood flow, then the medicine is beneficial, but not in case of any psychological problem.

2) When will the effect of the medicine be over?

The effect of the medicine is expected to last for about 24 hours even though you stop getting the result after 4 to 6 hours.

3) How long does the result last?

The result of the medicine can be seen for about 4 to 6 hours.

4) Where can we buy the medicine?

The medicine can be easily purchased from our website Selfcarepharma with great discounts and offers, and you can even trust the quality of the treatment. The item will be delivered to your home, saving you the trouble of running from store to store. Those unable to purchase online can buy it from medical stores nearby, but the offers and discounts may not be available.

5) Can the medicine be consumed by people who have alcohol?

No, consumption of alcohol will destroy the result of the Cenforce 50 Mg medicine; therefore, it is asked to the patient to keep it away for the time the treatment is on.


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