Which Pills are Most Effective for ED (Impotence) Treatment?

Which Pills Are Most Effective for ED (Impotence) Treatment

Before going into detail about the drugs to be consumed during Erectile dysfunction (Impotence), it is necessary to know what erectile dysfunction (Impotence) is. Erectile dysfunction (Impotence) is a sexual disorder in which men are not able to get and maintain erections due to which they are not able to satisfy their as well as their partner’s sexual needs. Many medicines are available in the market, but it is necessary to consult a doctor to know the correct medication and dosage to be consumed.

Due to the problem of Impotence, men are not able to satisfy the sexual needs of their partners, due to which their relationship is on the verge of breaking down. They are guilty and are not even supported by anyone fam, family, or friends, which has trapped them in depression. They have lost their confidence and hope that even they can be expected to enjoy their moments of pleasure like others. But with the advancement of medicine, now there is a solution for every disease. Similarly, for erectile dysfunction, some drugs are temporary solutions and provide them relief for a limited period so that they can satisfy their as well as their partner’s sexual needs and save their relationship.

From the age of 40 to 70 men, it is generally found that half of the men have the issue of erectile dysfunction (Impotence) to some extent, and one among ten is found to have a total inability to achieve an erection. Consuming medicine for Impotence has solved the problem for

about 70% of men who were otherwise healthy but had the issue to only some extent.

Does Different Medicine Have Different Effects?

Yes, the impact of every medicine is different. In the words of Dr. Louis Liou, chief of urology at Harvard’s Cambridge Health Alliance in Boston, another medication is recommended to the patient to determine the most appropriate treatment.

The doctor will first recommend Sildenafil (Cenforce 100), the longest and most well-known medicine on the market. Its side effects, dosage, and drug interaction are also available easily. The problem is not in purchasing the treatment but the insurance available with the medicine, as once the insurance is over, it becomes challenging to buy the drug due to its cost. The patient asks the doctor to suggest the treatment within their budget.

Types Of Pills Available In The Market: 

Along with Sildenafil, some other medicines available in the market are tadalafil (Vidalista 20) and vardenafil (Vilitra 20). The primary function of all of the treatments is to improve the blood flow to the penis so that the men can enjoy their moments of pleasure for a limited period. After consuming the medicine, the men have been relieved from the effect of erectile dysfunction (Impotence) to some extent. Along with the above treatment, some drugs do not need to be swallowed but just put under your tongue, mixing with your bloodstream to provide relief.

Another drug which is Generic Cialis is recommended to consume only 2.5 or 5 mg, and this not only helps in solving the problem of Impotence but also for other urine-related problems like the problems of starting urine due to enlargement of the prostate gland.

Managing The Cost Of The Medicine :

The cost of the medicine differs for different pharmacy companies, as well as the payment for consultation and the health plan coverage you can cover. With private health insurance, I pay for four doses. For such a problem, here are some solutions which you can try :

Roam around: When you roam the market, you will find that the prices of medicines vary from one company to another, and then you can find the treatment according to your budget.

Take Suggestions From Your Doctor  If The Pill Is Of A Higher Dose And You Can Split It Discount available with the manufacturer: Some medicines are not covered by your insurance, and such drugs can be purchased at a low price if the manufacturer or supplier provides you with some discount.

Effect Of Ed (Impotence) Pills On Men :

As said earlier, the pills provide relief to about 70 % of people who have erectile dysfunction (Impotence) in some amount. By using these pills, the men can satisfy their as well as their partner’s sexual needs. But there are a few fields where the medicine will not work, like if a man has damaged arteries and nerves due to prostate surgery. If the person has diabetes or cardiovascular disease, the treatment cannot help you.

When Does The Medicine Get Activated?

Generally, the medicine takes 15 to 30 mins to activate, but avoid consuming it after a heavy meal containing oils and fats, as it will not allow the treatment to start faster and show the required results. You need to consume the mixture on an empty stomach for 30 minutes to 1 hour before being sexually active.

How Do You Consume Medicine The Right Way?

Dr. Louis says that some people believe the medicine to be the start and stop button for erection. They come to him with the problem that the treatment is not working correctly, but this is because they have not consumed the medicine properly. After finishing the drug, you need to be with your partner and begin the foreplay rather than start washing the dishes. You need to start the sexual desire for the treatment to activate and show the desired results.

Alcohol and any other juice from fruit must be avoided since it may hinder the efficiency of medication.

How Long Does The Effectiveness Of The Medicine Last?

As every person’s medical condition is different, the effectiveness also varies. Generally, the medicine lasts from 4 to 6 hours to even one day. The dosage helps to provide total sexual satisfaction from the start to the climax.

When asked if the erection can last till another cycle, Dr Louis replied it cannot be guaranteed. But if you want to have pleasure more than once in the day, Cialis is the best option.

Side Effects Of The Medicine

This medication’s most frequent side effects include flushing, headache and upset stomachs, nasal congestion, vision issues, and dizziness. If your erection lasts for more than four hours, then immediately rush to the hospital as it can cause severe damage.

If you are consuming drugs for cardiac issues or you are consuming nitrates and alpha-blockers, then avoid the medicine, as it can reduce the pulse rate and can eventually lead to death. In the case of alpha-blockers, you need to keep a gap of 4 hours between both medicines.

Your doctor may either suggest you consume a low dose of the medicine or change the alpha-blocker medicine to tamsulosin (Flomax) so that it affects the blood pressure less.

Connection Of Health Of Heart Along With Ed

Erectile dysfunction (Impotence) is an indication that you may have cardiovascular disease. Later, proof in the medical world says that living a healthy lifestyle can reverse the condition of erectile dysfunction (Impotence).

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