Q.1) How do you send the prescription for the medicine?

You need to scan your prescription and upload it before purchasing any medicine from our website.

Q.2) Is my purchase secured?

Our website aims to prioritize the security of our customers, and therefore, SSL secures it. All your information provided during the time of purchase is not revealed to any person other than those required for delivery.

Q.3) How much time can we expect the delivery of our medicine after the order?

Generally, it takes 8 to 10 days after your order for the delivery to take place at your doorstep. Still, you should keep count of some extra days if you require the delivery in foreign countries; the customs duty may take time, and even in India, due to any natural calamities or any other reason, you may get the delivery a little late.

Q.4) Why do you offer low prices as compared to other websites?

We understand the need for medicine by the people and the incapability they face when they are not able to buy it, especially for middle-class people who cannot afford expensive treatment. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can benefit from our services.

Q.5) Are the orders we place online and the ones we buy from the medical store the same?

Yes, the medicine that you order is the same as the one you purchase from a medical store. Still, sometimes, if the drug is not available with a similar manufacturer, the shopkeeper may provide you with the same treatment but with a different manufacturer. 

Q.6) Explain your refund policy.

 If the order you received is damaged or if you have not received the order yet, we provide you the facility that you can either get your total refund, or we will send you another package without any cost. Still, the condition is you need to wait for 30 days from the date of order.

Questions Related To Payment:

Q.1) How is the payment possible for your website?

We accept all types of payment, may it be a Visa card, MasterCard, or any other online price. The cost must be according to the comfort of the customer.

Q.2) I am not able to pay with my credit card.

The reasons behind the loss of the card could be numerous, but the most common of them are:

 a)  If the state from which the card is issued and the state from which you are making the payment is different.

 b) If the billing and shipping addresses are different,

 You can contact our customer care team, who will provide you with all the details about the reason for your card being declined.

Q.3) My credit card does not show the refund.

You need to wait for the refund to be initiated within 30 working days from the day of cancellation of the order. Many times, it shows within three working days, but if you are not able to see the refund within 30 business days, contact your branch manager.

Questions relating to delivery:

Q.1.) I haven’t received my purchase. What do I do?

 There may be many reasons for the delay of your order, like natural calamities, rain, flood, or customs duty taking time. We recommend that you immediately contact our customer service, which is available 24*7 hours, to inquire about the reason for the delay in your medication.

Q.2.) If I haven’t received my order, and it’s sent back to me, how do I do? I do.

 We can provide you with the order again, along with the tracking details.

Q.3) Can I cancel the order after it is ready to be delivered?

No, it’s not possible to rescind the order at this moment. You can cancel the order till it is ready for shipping, and that will be done with cancellation charges.

Q.4) Can the medicine be returned after delivery?

 Yes, it can be returned, but under some conditions, like if the medicine delivered to you is the wrong medication or damaged.

Q.5) For online purchases, is a prescription necessary?

Yes, to purchase the medicine, you must provide the prescription, which can be done by uploading the prescription and scanning it, or you can even provide the prescription through email.

Q.6) How can I get the free discount and offers?

When you open the first page of our website, you can get coupons with discounts and offers. You need to apply it along with your purchase.