In terms of privacy policy, we want you to know the information we require. After taking the lead, what is done, with whom is the information shared, and how is your data protected from being hacked? In the privacy policy, we also discuss the rights and choices that our customers have when purchasing medicine from our website.

Before purchasing or eating any of the items available on our site, please go through our privacy Policy statement.

Let’s discuss the data that privacy policy holds:

1)  We use cookies on our website Selfcarepharma, which is generally a small file contained by our website on your device or mobile application, and the work of cookies is to remember the action or preference done for a short period.

2)  Your data is also stored with us along with other information so that we can differentiate and identify you as a customer whenever you visit our store in person or through a mobile application.

3) For the protection of the data, all the required laws are applied.

4) Our privacy policy is also shared by our partners with whom we share our contracts.

Selfcarepharma: Our website is a well-known website that is a one-stop solution for the requirement of medicine, be it of any kind, like generic or prescription-based. Our aim is for every person to benefit from the use of this medicine.

Types of Data Collected:

All the data collected by us are for the privacy policy of our website and your safety. Please let us know in depth about the information we gather:

1) Firstly, we require your contact information so that we can know who has ordered the medicine and where to deliver it.

2) Your financial status, transactions, mode of payment, and manner of compensation. We store all this information.

3) Our company collects the website or device login and its IP address through cookies and other advanced technology.

4) We also require transaction history to know the amount of payment you made and the date on which the transaction was created so that we can tell you the estimated date for delivery.

5) We require all the information related to your health, like your medical history, your medical condition, the medicine you consume, your prescription of the recommended treatment, dosage, and any other alternative medication.

6) Your personal information, such as your name, age, sex, date of birth, marital status, identification ID, income, religion, etc.

7) Your reviews and feedback are equally important and stored by us.

Information collected by US:

We collect all data about you using many specific methods, including:

1.) The information you provided us during the purchase of the medicine.

2) We even collect information through other advanced technology like cookies or pixels.

3) We even collect with you through email, where you receive marketing emails, and we get information if you click on any links provided by us.

4) If you visit our partner’s website, which is in contact with us, then from there, we can also get your information.

Data Received from You:

Upon registration with our company to purchase the medicine, you are required to share the information with us.

When you make a transaction with us online or in our store.

When you complete any surveys done by us, we get your information.

When you visit our store, website, or mobile application then, we get to know your information.

General Terms:

By accessing our website, you permit us to access your contacts, and you agree and abide by the privacy policy maintained by us.

You agree with us about controlling, storing, sharing, and disclosing the privacy policy. If you misrule any of the policies, then we have the right to change, modify, or

delete any information. Take care of the privacy policy being revised from time to time.

If you are viewing our site from any foreign country through any website or mobile application and you break any rules, then it is totally your risk, and you are liable for it.

If any rule or policy is not comfortable with you, then do not look forward to working with us, as our privacy policy can be changed at any point in time, and you need to be aware of the procedures.

Security Related to You:

When we collect, store, or disclose your information, we keep physical security as well as electronic safety, and sometimes, you may have noticed that we ask for a user ID before you can connect with the website and use it.

All the information you provide is totally safe as it has a secure sockets layer protection, which means your data is end-to-end encrypted, and nothing has a chance of being leaked.

We keep your personal information totally safe, and everyone does not share it; only the workers who require it have access and are under contract that if they break any of the rules, they will be terminated from their work.

Your password to the website is totally authorized, and no employees contain your password if

you log in from any device and forget to log out, and the information is retained by any other. Then, we are not liable for any such information.

If any unauthorized person has taken your information, you can inform us through your registered email. If our company faces any loss, then you are responsible for compensation.

In certain conditions where it becomes compulsory to disclose your information, we will not ask your permission as it is mandated, like for government agencies or cyber incidents.

We are not responsible for the loss of your data due to a computer breach, computer crash, device storage failure, computer hacking, or unauthorized access, as this is not in our control.