Payment Security:

We offer all types of payment and even credit cards with the amount written on the product. It is possible to pay using cards like credit, VISA Master Card, American Mater Cards, etc.

On payment by card, the security of the card is on the bank’s page, and it is upon the payment card processor on whose page the payment is done.

Whenever you enter any credential information, the data is transferred from the public to a secured one, which is SSL-protected and encrypted.

The payment doesn’t need to be done within a limited period. You can make the payment day or night, on weekends or holidays, and the vouchers and receipt will be available after a few minutes.

Your Private Information Usage:

It is not wrong that we can use the information you provided to know your lifestyle and choices and inform you about the products and services. We can send information about other products that interest you. Graphic messages along with HTML can also be sent to your email to see your interest and provide you with information about your transaction.

To get the successful delivery of your order, you need to provide us with information like your name, address, email or phone number and the details about the company in which you work if it is a legal company. Due to the information you provided, we will be able to deliver the goods, and you can even track your order.

Our commitment is to protect your privacy, and therefore, we only ask for the necessary or basic information that is required as a good business practice for the business operation and providing information about the products to our customers. The choice is with the customer if they want to stay or get deleted from the mailing list. The data is totally safe and secure and is only accessible to the employee who performs the function.

All our employees are totally responsible for taking care of the privacy protection of the data of the customers. We take the responsibility not to use the data we collected from the customer to use it for any other purpose or share the information with any third party. Additionally, we analyze and process the information about the products that are most purchased and the sites that are most visited. The information provided by you is used to improve our website selfcarepharma so that you can do the shopping on our website more easily and conveniently.

We use cookies so that we can make use of your internet according to your requirements. A cookie is placed on a hard drive by a web server. It is not able to run programs or make a virus, as it is only read through the server on the domain that has transmitted it.