Cenforce 150 Mg


active ingredientSildenafil Citrate
indicationErectile Dysfunction
manufacturerCenturion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
delivery time6 To 15 days
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Cenforce 150 Mg
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Product Description

Overview Of Cenforce 150 Mg

Cenforce 150 mg is a drug commonly prescribed to get relief from the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. When men are incapable of obtaining and maintaining an erection, such a condition is called erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 150 mg has sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient. It's essential to know the following: Cenforce 150 mg, just like other medicines for ED, is to be administered with the guidance and guidance of a certified medical expert. The appropriate dosage and usage instructions depend on individual health factors, and a healthcare provider can determine the safest and most effective treatment plan for each patient. The medicine contains Sildenafil as a hero ingredient, which makes the work of blood passage to the penis easier. Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd is a renowned company that manufactures drugs for the treatment of ED. Cenforce 150 Mg

More About Cenforce 150 Mg:

The men are not able to get and sustain erections, which is the reason most relationships are broken down, as the partners are not satisfied with one another. Due to this, the men lose their connection, and slowly and steadily, they start to lose confidence and hope that they can get relief from such a situation and begin to feel depressed. They even distance themselves from others as they can't share the problem with anyone. However, introducing Cenforce 150mg has changed men's lives and given them the positivity to live on. The medicine shows results for 4 to 6 hours, and here is the probability for the men to give their relationship another chance and make everything good. By looking at the work time, you can estimate that the medicine is temporary and can show results up to a limited period. Therefore, depending on the drug to get the solution for all the problems related to erection is in vain. There are some matters where the medicine can show no results. While having a pleasure, if you get any disease along with it, then do not depend upon the treatment as it will be of no help to you and during the time of conceiving if you are expecting the medicine to help you, then you are in a wrong state of mind. For the above situation, having a conversation with the doctor is better.

Reasons for Using Cenforce 150 MG:

The Cenforce 150 mg has become popular due to its fast result-providing capacity. It has helped men to come out of a situation that has broken them and has made them aimless. Medicine went into the life of men as a blessing that has solved physical and emotional problems.

Operative Function of Cenforce 150 Mg:

For a successful working of medicine, a needed task is sexual encouragement, and without this, the treatment will become of no value or use. After the drug has begun its action, the initial step it performs is to deter its PDE- 5 Enzymes, which are also referred to by the name Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) and then to that, it helps in the vitalization of the cGMP enzymes. They are usually known as the Guanosine monophosphate cycle. The quotient of the above task is nitric oxide. The charge of nitric oxide eases the blood vessels and the muscles near the penile region and, along with that, relaxes the lungs and the arteries so that the heart is not stressed by performing other duties and can efficiently perform the task of blood circulation to the penis.

Quantity of The Dose To Be Consumed:

A correct dosage helps you to get the necessary outcomes, but if you need to know the correct dosage as you have not consulted your doctor, you may face serious problems; therefore, make it a priority to consult your doctor before consuming the medicine to know the correct dosage. The dosage of the drug is according to your health condition, which is different for every person. The medicine needs to be taken within 30 minutes to 1 hour of being in your mood. The drug can be taken with or without a cuisine, and the way the patient wants to consume the medicine is dependent upon the patient. The therapy, if consumed on an empty stomach just with a glass of water, can provide results faster, but even if you consume the treatment after having a cuisine is well and good but avoid fats and oils rich food as this would not allow the medicine to provide the required outcome so consume a lighter food as the medicine still may require some time to get on and show the work. Alcohol or any other juice can be a hindrance to the efficacy of treatment. Therefore, avoid consuming alcohol for the time the medicine is consumed.

Other Dosage of Cenforce 150 Mg:

Along with the correct dosage, other dosages will be discussed here, and this comes your way when you do not know about the proper dosage:

Missed dose:

Overlook of the medicine to be consumed will not be responsible for any significant repercussions, but try drinking it as soon as you remember it. There is still a condition in this that if the dose after the missed dose has also arrived, don't try to consume both quantities. You can drink the missed dose, and the next dose should be scheduled after 24 hours, or skip the missed dose and finish the amount after as it is.


Amplitude consumption of the medicine can cause significant side effects, and therefore, take preventive measures to avoid an overdose. Situations that can lead to overdose are when you want to increase the pleasure or when you have combined the missed and overdose. If you've consumed an overdose, you should contact your doctor as quickly as you can to seek treatment.

Other Dosage of the Medicine:

Reaction Of The Medicine:

  • Antihypertensive medications
  • Antifungal remedies are used to treat fungous poisons.
  • Medications that impede the action of alpha-blockers
  • Anti-ulcer medications
  • Medicines for high blood pressure
  • Nitrates

Acknowledgment of Consuming Cenforce 150 Mg:

  • Consult a doctor to know the correct dosage for your health.
  • If necessary, provide the doctor with your medical history so that he can recommend the correct dosage.
  • The combination of nitrogen and nitrates with the medicine could cause serious health issues and could even cause death.
  • Alcohol or any other fruit juice can destroy the outcome of the medicine, so avoid the mixture until the time Cenforce 150 mg is consumed.
  • All work requiring concentration must be completed before taking the medication, as it can cause the body to become drowsy.
  • If, due to any issue, you have done heart, kidney, or liver surgery or scheduled it in the future, consider informing the doctor.
  • Women, especially pregnant or breastfeeding and children under 18 years of age are advised to stay away from the medicine.
  •  If you've already begun a medication for the problem of erectile dysfunction, do not enforce it.
  • Even if the ingredients of both drugs are the same.

Repository of The Medicine:

The Cenforce 150 mg medicine must be kept at room temperature to maintain the medicine for an extended period. But there are some things you have to take care of while storing the drug, like sunlight and moisture, which are the factors with which the treatment is sensitive; therefore, avoid both. The best place is a cool and dry place for storing the medicine. Refrigerating the mixture is not necessary unless asked. Other areas, like the bathrooms, are unsuitable for the drug as they can change the originality of the treatment. Men are the ones who are to get the benefits of the medicine, and if women (Pregnant OR Breastfeeding) and children (under 18 years of age) try to use it, then they will get side effects instead of the advantages.

Help Section:

1)  Can I purchase the medicine without a prescription?

As the medicine is FDA-approved, it requires a medical prescription before starting the dosage, and it cannot be consumed without a prescription.

2) Can a person with diabetes consume the medicine?

It is not recommended for the patient who has diabetes to consume the medicine, but if you want to finish the treatment, consult your doctor and discuss it with him.

3) Can I consume the medicine with other medicine?

No, generally, any other medicine is not to be consumed along with the drug, even if the components of the treatment are the same. But consult your doctor as he can provide you with the perfect answer.

4) Is the medicine helpful for females?

No, the medicine can provide relief to only men from the problem of erectile dysfunction, but females will not get any benefits from it; instead, there is a possibility of some side effects.

5) What's the time frame for the efficacy of the medication?

The medicine is estimated to bring results for 4 to 6 hours.

6) What is the perfect age for consuming the medicine?

The right age to consume the medicine is between 18 to 65 years.

7) Where can we get the medicine?

It is straightforward to buy Cenforce150 mg medicine from our website Selfcarepharma. In addition, we will deliver this medicine to your doorstep. We provide you with quality goods, offers, and discounts, and if you look at the price, it will be lower compared to other websites so that every customer can benefit from it. A person unfamiliar with online purchasing can buy it from a medical store near you, but we do not guarantee the offers and discounts there.


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